Metallurgical Consultant Services

steve_midsonDr. Steve Midson, president of The Midson Group, is an internationally renowned expert in semi-solid casting, die casting, foundry technology, metal shaping and metallurgical evaluations. The Midson Group assists clients with technical, business and marketing issues in these areas.

If your organization is in need of a metallurgical consultant, consider how the experience and expertise of The Midson Group could be of benefit to you in current or future endeavors. From failure analysis and the elimination of defects to the management and marketing of metals operations, we are prepared to provide your organization with solutions cultivated from over 20 years of research, manufacturing and management experience. Whether you need metallurgical expert advice regarding rheocasting or are seeking a die casting consultant, we're ready for the job.


Dr. Midson has a B. Met. and a Ph.D. in metallurgical engineering from Sheffield University in Sheffield, England and more than 20 years experience as a metallurgical and metal casting expert. Dr. Midson has authored more than 30 technical papers and received awards from the Society of Automotive Engineers, The American Foundry Society and Sheffield University.

Contact information for The Midson Group is as follows:

Dr. Steve Midson
The Midson Group, Inc.
1353 South Gaylord Street
Denver, CO 80210

Office: 303-778-0271
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Fax: 303-722-8395